Solar Smart works directly with landowners to construct the “next generation” of clean energy solar gardens that lower electricity costs, are environmentally friendly and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Site Requirements

  • Property Consists of 6+ usable acres.
  • Land should be predominantly free of wetlands or habitat issues.
  • Property is shade free, fairly level and (ideally but not necessary) consist of fields.
  • Owner interested in a 20-year lease at a premium rate.

Benefits of Leasing Land

Financial Security

Landowners are provided guaranteed payments through a long-term lease agreement of 20 years (or longer) that are supported by investment grade (BBB+) financial institutions.


The property owner retains ownership of the land so that it can be passed to future generations or repurposed in the future for agricultural or another use.

No Expense to Landowners

Solar Smart handles all aspects of solar garden installations including site analysis, financing, engineering and design, construction, monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

Energy for Community

The land will be used to generate clean, renewable and carbon free energy for many years into the future. Everyone in the Community has the opportunity to lower their Utility bill by 5% to 15% and promote a cleaner environment.

How The Process Works

What You Can Expect

1.  Letter of Intent (LOI): Once the signed Letter of Intent is received Solar Smart will do a desktop review of the property. 

2.  Site Assessment: Solar Smart initiates a complete site analysis including review of power, topography, habitat, etc. 

3.  LeaseAgreement Upon satisfactory site review, Solar Smart will present property partner with a written offer to lease the   property. Upon acceptance of the agreement, the project will move to the Permitting phase.:

4.  Utility/Building Permit: Solar Smart applies for Utility interconnection and submits plans to the local review board. Once project is approved and before construction begins owners execute the lease agreement and receive the first lease payment.

5.  Construction: Solar system is constructed which normally takes about 3-4 months.

6.  Commissioning: System has been completed and activated by Utility.

Lets Talk!

Landowners can expect the rent paid by the solar farm to far exceed the revenue from agricultural or dormant land.  From the Landowners perspective this is hands-free money for several decades.